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Bourjous 02 Rose Délicat en 16 Essence Cool Breeze nail polish

Advent Day 10: Bourjois 02 “Rose Délicat” + Essence 16 “Cool Breeze”

by Deborah

After the dark polish of yesterday, today I’m going with a much more, ahem, delicate nail polish; “Rose Délicat’ by Bourjois. It’s topped with an Essence topcoat called “Cool Breeze”, which in the bottle seems like the most perfect mermaid-like topcoat.

Bourjois “Rose Délicat” is a very sheer pink polish with very faint shimmer. My middle finger shows some bumps, as I accidentally ran into some furniture. Shown are three (!) layers, but it’s still somewhat sheer and show the tips of my nails. Such a shame, because the nail polish is gorgeous! It makes me wonder whether this polish has been sold with the intention to be a nude and delicate manicure, but I find it a bit too streaky for that. It’s a weird one!

Essence’s “Cool Breeze” though… It’s gorgeous! It contains a lot of iridescent hexagonal glitters, as well as some iridescent smaller glitters that don’t show up too well on this basecoat. It’s playful, and a fun addition to the pink base. The glitters shift colour as well, and I sincerely don’t understand my reasoning for not wearing it before. The clear base is very jelly, and shines even without topcoat, as you can see in the picture above the last.

I’m not very sure about the Bourjois one, but the Essence polish is most definitely one that I will wear more often! I think It’d look great over light blue, or even a turquoise.

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