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Catrice 62 Must Have STEEL-etto and Bows & Polkadots Minnie Reloaded nail polish

Advent Day 3: Catrice 62 “Must Have STEEL-etto” + Bows & Polkadots “Minnie Reloaded”

by Deborah

Day three has polishes very similar to day one (thank Google random number generator for that!), but slightly different. Shown today are an oldie from Catrice (“Must Have STEEL-etto”), and a homemade topcoat with the rather not very great name “Minnie Reloaded”.

Catrice’s “Must Have STEEL-etto” is a pale pink metallic nail polish, that is surprisingly streak-free! I don’t think I’ve ever worn this one (I have a similar one from Essence’s LE “Metal Glam”), but definitely will to in the future, as it’s a stunning polish. Considering it’s almost a OCW (shown are two thin coats), I think it would be great for stamping as well.

This nail polish by my former indie brand Bows & Polkadots was one that I… did not really put a lot of thought into. I bought some different solvent resistant glitters and simply tossed them together. I features pink matte Mickey Mouse shaped glitter, as well as hot pink reflective glitter, and different shaped and sized matte glitters.

Yeah, this is not a combination I’d wear more often. I’m even thinking of tossing this topcoat, considering there’s not really a nail polish that would get an oomph from putting this on top over. It’s just such a weird topper, due to the different finishes in glitter, and the Mickey Mouse glitters lay awkwardly on the nail, protruding a bit. But who knows, perhaps I’ll keep it for memory’s sake, haha!

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