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Kruidvat 192 Soft Pistachio and Bows & Polkadots Test Screen nail polish

Advent Day 4: Kruidvat 192 “Soft Pistachio” + Bows & Polkadots “Test Screen”

by Deborah

Today I’m showing you a nail polish that I recently bought, by Kruidvat’s own beauty collection: “Soft Pistachio”. I topped it with a topcoat made by yours truly: “Test Screen” by Bows & Polkadots. A very bright, fun combination!

“Soft Pistachio” is nowhere near the soft in the name, and is a colour that I’d rather describe as a “neon pastel”. It’s gorgeous, and totally up my alley! It reminds me of the best pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had, in the Oltrarno area in Florence. Shown are two coats.

“Test Screen” is a fun, playful topcoat with a plethora of matte glitters. I named this colour after the test card shown on tv (haven’t seen one in ages, though; do they even still exist?). Downside of this polish is that it did bleed somewhat during the years that it has been stored in my drawer, so the originally clear base is now slightly red tinted, altering the bright base colour somewhat.

However, I still think this is such a pretty combination. As much as I love shimmery glitter, a good matte topcoat is always a good palate cleanser. Definitely would wear this combination again, as well as both polishes seperately!

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