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Kiko 337 Viola Pervinca and OPI So Elegant nail polish

Advent Day 6: Kiko 337 “Viola Pervinca” + OPI “So Elegant”

by Deborah

And now for something completely different! Today I’m showing you two polishes that I’ve had for quite some time; I think they both were bought in or around 2014; Kiko’s “Viola Pervinca” topped with OPI’s “So Elegant”. A surprisingly good combination!

Kiko’s “Viola Pervinca” is a truly nostalgic polish for me, as it was one of the four polishes I bought when visiting Florence during my studies. Back in those days (gosh, I feel old, haha!), Kiko wasn’t as easily bought as nowadays (I even saw they’re opening a shop at the Meir soon!), so I was very glad to be able to find a store in this Italian city. Viola Pervinca is, like the name suggests a purple periwinkle colour. Pictures don’t do this colour much justice!

Another oldie from 2014: OPI “So Elegant”. This topcoat was part of their 2014 Christmas release, a collab with Gwen Stefani (love her!). This polish consists of small black matte glitter, as well as hexagonal gunmetal glitters in different sizes. A weird one in my collection, as this is normally not a topcoat I’d go for. I don’t think I’ve even wore it before, but I do have to admit it’s a very cute one!

I’m not so sure about the combination, but both polishes are ones I do definitely appreciate. The base colour is one of my favourites ever, and I’m still looking for a good replacement for it. The topcoat is one I haven’t used before, but definitely will after seeing its potential.

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