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Nailistorica Penny for your thought and Essence copperize me nail polish

Advent Day 7: Nailistorica “Penny For Your Thoughts”+ Essence “Copper’ize Me”

by Deborah

We stay in the realm of the cool tones, and continue with one of my own indie polishes. I made “Penny For Your Thoughts” recently, with Lacquester’s “Brox” in mind. I topped it with Essence’s (vintage, I’m getting old) “Copper’ize Me”.

“Penny For Your Thoughts” is a blue, slightly shimmery nail polish with copper coloured hex glitter. There are a few other glitters in it as well, among them holographic and white ones. Due to the formula, it has a bit of grit in it, which I do not particularly like very much. Shown are two coats without topcoat.

Essence “Copper’ize Me” is a weird one. It has a lot of small glitters in different colours, but none really prominent other than the copper ones, hence its name. It reminds me of Christmas in a certain way, but don’t think it’s a Christmas polish, if that makes any sense, haha! It’s a fun polish to immediately alter the look of a polish.

Yeaaaah, this is not the combination for me. I think this is the second combination that’s a miss to me. I expected the polish to complement each other, but they seemed to have done the exact opposite; the base colour and its glitters are muted and hidden, whereas the topcoat doesn’t have that multicoloured shine that it has in the bottle. Miss!

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