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Blog Transparency

by Deborah

As someone who values transparency on blogs, I obviously couldn’t omit a page concerning my blog behaviour on my own website!

What products do I use on my nails?

For personal wear, I always use Essie’s “Here to Stay” as my base coat, and Seche Vite’s “Dry Fast Top Coat” as my top coat. Although I’ve dabbled with other brands before, this combination proves to be the one that makes my mani lasts the longest.

For swatches, I usually pick cheaper brands, as longevity isn’t as much of a factor in those cases. During the period this blog has been running, I’ve used Catrice’s “Nail Repair Nail Building Base Coat” underneath nail polish, without any topcoat on top of the polish I swatched. If I do need a topcoat for swatches (like holo’s, or chunkier polish), it’s been Catrice’s “Maxi Stay Gel Top Coat”.

Whenever I used Seche Vite on my nails, I always disclosed this information on the post.

How do I disclose commercial posts?

At the moment of writing this page, I do not have any paid or unpaid sponsorships, nor barter deals, nor any other type of commercialised content. All polishes and products shown, are bought by myself or gifted to me by family or friends. Aka; they’re all personal expenses.

If that ever changes (which won’t be in the foreseeable future), I vow to disclose this properly and clearly on my posts. To do this, I’ll follow the guidelines as formulated by the “Content Creator Protocol“. This is a protocol written by the government, based on European decisions regarding content creation and advertisments. As I’m living in Belgium, these are the rules I have to abide to.

What setup do I use to take my photos?

Pictures are only taken indoors, with indirect sunlight. Fortunately, I have a south-facing window next to a white wall, which offers natural lighting and clear photos, as true to real life as possible.

I take pictures and videos on my phone, an iPhone SE 2022, sometimes by using a tripod. Photos are edited with Adobe Photoshop.

How do I use Photoshop to edit images?

To provide the best quality for photos, I edit the following things in Photoshop:

  • colour correction (if needed);
  • brightness, saturation, and contrast (if needed);
  • removing blesmishes (cuts, lint, dust, a random glitter, overflown polish, dents, etc.);
  • cropping;
  • and adding a watermark.

With the exception of the last two, they’re all done to show the polish as true to life as possible.

Above a quick example of how I edit: on the left the original photo, and the edited one on the right. No adjustments to the nail polish are made; it’s simply been cleaned up, colours are adjusted to match reality, and the photo has been cropped and has a watermark added.