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Catrice – Limited Editions

by Deborah

Hot Chocolate
C04 Mousse Au Chocolat

Million Styles
C01 No Smoke Without Fire
C02 Million Dollar Baby
C03 Miss Money Penny
C04 Shake It! Flake It!
C05 Return Of Space Cowboys
C06 Godfather Of Pearl
C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?!
C08 Have An Ice Day

Welcome To Las Vegas
C02 Alluring Night
C04 Drama Queen

Big City Life
C01 London
C03 Sydney

Cruise Couture
C01 Hi, Society!
C04 Feel The Yacht Beat
C05 Nautica

C03 Colour Bomb

C01 Sunny Side

C04 Wild, Wild West-side

C04 Enjoy Me

Candy Shock
C03 Bring Me Peach
C04 Vanilla Love

Neo Geisha
C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms
C05 Planet Tokyo

C02 I Got The Flower!
C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum

Eve In Bloom
C04 Rosebuddy
C05 Blossom You, Blossom Me

Haute Future
C01 Eletrix Blue

Luxury Lacquers
C01 Holo Manolo (Holomania)
C04 Plum Me Up, Scotty (Holomania)
C05 Chromeo & Julia (Chameleon)

C01 Alluring Red
C02 Alluring Pink

C03 LilART Lily
C04 ARTful Red

Doll’s Collection
C01 Droll Like A Doll
C02 Playing In Lavender Heaven

Kaviar Gauche
C04 Cool Wonder

C01 Greatly Greyish
C02 Sheer Silence
C03 Zensible Rose
C04 REDiant Energy
C05 Turqouisensai

Sense Of Simplicity
C01 Straight Silver

C02 Mauving Leaves
C03 Berrytale

Alluring Reds
Base Coat

Chrome Infusion
04 Unexpected Red
05 Enchanted Camouflage

Dawid Tomaszewski
C01 Gilded Glitz
C03 Violet For VICTOR-y

C01 Strike A Rose
C02 Show Topper
C03 Teal Appeal
C05 Haute Couleur
C06 The New Black
C07 Seashell Bomb
C08 Nude Attitude
C09 Lust Have

Travel Iconails
C01 Sous Le Ciel De Paris
C02 London Calling
C03 It’s Up To You, New York
C04 Summer In Berlin
C05 Skycrapers In Dubai

Merry Go Round
C01 Treasured Memories
C02 Warmth Of Love
C03 Sparkles Of Joy
C04 Peace & Serenity
C05 Heaps Of Passion
C06 Happiness & Success

Kaviar Gauche
C02 Cloud Of Love

Neon Blast
01 Energizing Yellow
04 Flashing Pink

Disney Villains
010 Thorns
020 Smoke

My Little Pony
C01 Sweet Cotton Candy
C02 Pretty Sunlight
C03 Happy Skydancer
C04 Lovely Minty

Hop, Hop Hooray Reloaded
C01 True Blossom
C02 Hopster Alert
C03 Egg-celent
C04 Morning Glory
C05 Spring Soul
C06 Spring Meadow
C07 Basket Of Tulips
C08 Floral Bouquet
C09 Lavender Peony
C10 Forget-me-not

Disney Winnie The Pooh
010 Kindness Is Golden
020 Let Your Silliness Shine

Magic Christmas Story
C01 Land Of Snow
C02 Clara’s Adventures
C03 Land Of Sweets