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by Deborah

PP024 Fashionista Sister
PP043 Apple And Custard
PP045 Cookies And Cream
PP055 Stiletto
PP060 Ditch The Heels
PP061 Talent Scout
PP087 Glametal
PP088 Oil Slick
PP097 Beach Hut
PP103 Pillow Fight
PP105 Play Date
PP119 Ferris Wheel
PP126 Monte Carlo
PP136 Pool Party
PP148 Maybe Baby
PP151 Loop The Loop
PP158 Fly With Me
PP195 Comic Strip
PP208 Mural Moment
PP209 Mosaic Madness

PPM091 Ivory Queen
PPM099 Espadrilles

Cabaret 046
Chalkboard Paint 144
Pepperminty 104