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Essence – Limited Editions

by Deborah

I Love Berlin
01 I Love This City
02 I’m A Berliner

Whoom! Boooom!
03 You’ve Got The Art

Circus Circus
03 Applause, Applause (duo polish)

Vampire’s Love
01 Gold Old Buffy
02 Into The Dark
03 True Love
05 Hunt Me If You Can

01 It’s A Snowwoman’s World
04 Ice Eyes Baby
05 Frosted Champaign

Season Of Extremes
08 Did Someone Say Nude?

01 Banana Joe
02 Peach Beauty
03 Very Cherry
04 One Kiwi A Day
05 Mashed Berries

Class Of 2013
01 Blues Of Being Cool
01 College Hero

Nail Colour 3
01 Midnight Date (duo polish)
02 Shopping Trip In Soho (duo polish)
05 Boys Are Back In Town (duo polish)
06 Ticket To The Show (duo polish)

01 Elves Like Lilac

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two
01 Jacob’s Protection
02 Alice Had A Vision – Again
03 A Piece Of Forever
04 Edward’s Love

Vintage Disctrict
02 Shopping @ Portobello Road
03 Antique Pink
04 Get Arty

Snow Jam
03 Life Is A Freeride

Floral Grunge
03 Grunge Me Tender (the suede)
04 Madly Purpled (the matt)

Me & My Ice Cream
01 Ben & Cherries
02 Always In My Mint
03 Ice, Ice Baby
04 Icylicious

Have A Beau-tea-ful Day

01 Fantastic Girl (thermo effect)
02 The Incredible (sand effect)
03 Power Girl (oil slick effect)
04 Super, Man! (holo effect)

Be Loud!
01 Not Punky Nor Funky

Metal Glam
01 Steel-in The Scene (liquid metal effect)
02 Petal To The Metal (liquid metal effect)
03 Glamour Girls (liquid metal effect)

Yes, We Pop!
01 Bubble Gum
02 Grab This Hype

O’Zapft Is
03 I Hol Di Mit’M Traktor Ab

Hello Autumn
03 Charlie Seen In Green (thermo effect)

Come To Town
01 Naughty or Nice? pinkish red
01 Naughty or Nice? burgundy
02 Got My List? dark green
02 Got My List? pink
01 The Most Wonderful Tree (fullsize)

Hidden Stories
03 Mauvellous Fairy (the sparkling)

Rock Out!
02 Best Hip-Hop

Happy Girls Are Pretty
01 Make Me Smile
03 Enjoy The Little Things (matt)
04 Just Happy!
05 Pretty You!
06 The Choco Side Of Life

01 Sing, Sweet Nightingale
01 The Glass Slipper
02 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
03 Prince Charming
04 Watch Out Lady Tremaine!

01 Ahoy, Boy!
02 Oh Captain, My Captain
03 Miss Navy
04 Crew First!

01 Hola, Guapa (chalky matt)
01 Chica Bonita
02 Macarena Mint (chalky matt)
02 Festival Of Colors
03 Red Corazon (spicy metallic)
04 La Vida Loca (spicy metallic)

Love & Sound
01 Make Life A Festival (desert matt)
02 Blue-chella (desert matt)
03 Glastonberry (desert matt)
04 Feel The Vibe

Merry Berry
01 The Masked Ball
01 I Love My Golden Pumps
02 Purple With Purpose
03 Pink & Perfect
04 Red Rocks

Winter? Wonderful!
01 The Frosted
01 A Winter’s Tale
02 The Semi Matt
03 The Iced

Lights Of Orient
01 Golden Gate To Orient
03 Princess Jasmines Choice

Midnight Masquerade
01 Meet Me Midnight (immerse glitter)
02 Black Cats Wanted (imerse glitter)

The Little X-Mas Factory
02 Let’s Take An Elfie

Wood You Love Me?
01 Crazy in Love
02 Soulmate

Brushed Metals
05 I’m Cool With It

Out Of Space Stories
06 We Will Spock You

Cute As Shell
01 You’re An Ang-Shell!

Oh Happy Daisy!
04 Oh Daisy Darling!

Merry X-Mas, My Deer!
01 Deer Me, Keep Sparkling!

Disney The Lion King
02 Roar

Disney Mickey And Friends
01 Adventure Awaits
02 Aw, Phooey!