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My Collection – now fully online!

by Deborah

As a nail polish person, you’ll probably understand the joy of keeping track of your collection. I know I do, and I have tried a big amount of apps to try out to keep track of every single bottle and brand I own. However, never once did I find one that resonated with me.

So, cue my blog! For the purpose of my own organisation wants, as well as making life easier for friends and family who want to buy me nail polish but have no freaking clue which ones I already have, and the added bonus of making names clickable whenever I posted the colour on my blog, my collection is now completely online! In the menu all the way up on my blog, you’ll find a button called “My Collection”. This will take you to the page with all brands I have, as I chose to put them together that way. Some brands will have more subpages to choose from, but most will immediately bring you to the list of nail polishes I own.

For now, it contains all bottles I own, minus duplicates. Whenever new polishes come in, I’ll update the lists.

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