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Frisian flag nail art with Sally Hansen Ja-cozy nail polish, Essie Aperitif, Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Circus Circus Applause, Applause, and Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effect Top Splatter

My ESC nails – Fryslân Boppe!

by Deborah

A fun fact about me is that I am a MASSIVE Eurovision Song Contest fan. I’m always religiously following the news surrounding the event, listen to all songs the day they are released, and make my own lists each year with the entries I’d like to see win. This year was no different, and I was extremely surprised to find out an artist from my home province was the Dutch entry this year. Joost’s Europapa is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but a very fun one. It definitely piqued my interest, and it slowly but surely made its way to the top of my ranking. Today I’m sharing my nails for the event!

The idea of my nails is the Frisian flag with it’s famous “pompeblêden“, as it’s the province in The Netherlands I was born and raised in (no, I don’t speak the language!). I made this pattern freehand, on top of two coats of Essence’s 33 “Wild, White Ways”. For the blue stripes, I used a thin striper with Sally Hansen’s 440 “Ja-cozy”. The leaves are made with a dotting tool, with Essie’s 59 “Aperitif”.

For the thumb, index finger, and pinkie, I went with three coats of Sally Hansen’s “Ja-cozy”. It’s a rather sheer colour, so two coats weren’t sufficient, unfortunately. The formula is great, however, and can be build up with ease. For the tips, I used a thin coat of Maybelline’s “Top Splatter”, which is a matte, pure white glitter. To add the red, I dabbed some of Essence’s “Applause, Applause” (Circus Circus LE) topcoat on top. This is a shiny red glitter, in a clear base. This way, even my three “calm” nails portayed the Frisian tricolore with pride!

In all honesty, I think the blue is slightly too light (and bright), and the pompeblêden could have been more crisp. However, I love these nails irl, and I’ve been staring at them over the course of the last days often. And even though our entry was disqualified, I certainly hope Joost’s career takes a flight from here on. But I’m fairly certain it most definitely will.

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