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This year’s advent “calendar”…

by Deborah

December is on the verge to begin, and with that comes the season of gift gifting and sales! Normally the best period of the year (or one of them, at least) to add new additions to my nail polish stash. But with two filled Helmer-cabinets, as well as a rather high percentage of polishes I’ve never used in my life, I chose to do it somewhat… differently this year.

This year, I’ll not be buying (or receiving!) a nail polish or nail art themed advent calendar. I will be “shopping” my own stash, and picking 48 nail polishes to wear and show you on this blog, as a way to appreciate my own stash again. Because overchoice is definitely a thing, and makes me reach out to the same polishes over and over again.

With the help of Google, I let their random generator pick out 24 normal polishes, as well as 24 special effect topcoats to wear during the 24 days of advent. From there, I doubted whether or not to make the combinations myself, or let them be randomised by Google as well. I chose the former, as the latter gave me the most, eh, weird combinations imaginable.

Looking forward to this month! Let’s hope I’ll find some unexpected gems within my own collection. 😉

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