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Welcome to Nailistorica

by Deborah

Hi, nice to see you here! 🙂

My name’s Deborah, and I’m a 30-year old woman originally from The Netherlands, but currently living in Belgium. Besides plants (I have an urban jungle of about 100 plants… talk about a hobby that got out of hand), I’m massively into nail polish, and have been into it for most of my life.

I remember quite vividly painting my nails when I was a kid. Mostly with my family member’s nail polishes, but when I was about 10 years old, I bought some myself with the little pocket money I had – luckily for me, Dutch department store V&D got rid of a lot of beauty products for the price of €5 for 10 items.

When I got older, I got increasingly more into nail polish and nail art. When I was about 16, I started experimenting with everything the nail art community had to offer. It was around this time that my collection really took off.

Currently I have a collection of about 700 nail polishes, which includes toppers. Those polishes are mainly by drugstore brands, and have all survived a fulle migration during the pandemic.

I have a big interest in special finishes, nail art trends, and vintage (>10 years old) nail polishes. I hope to show you many of those on my blog!

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